goatbunny is a Montreal-based artist creating paintings, drawings, zines, books and other crafty things with their hands using traditional and digital media. Along with 2-D visual art, they like to sew and dabble in puppet and filmmaking/animation. They are self-taught from and early age, with formal training throughout secondary and post-secondary school.
They focus their time on larger personal projects nowadays, having completed illustrations for a 44-page Activity Comic Book written by fellow Da Gahbidge Fiyah Club member Theo Radomski, as well as a 4-year long tarot deck project, the goatbunny tarot.
Their work has been showcased in group shows in Canada, the United States, as well as in Europe. They've tabled at local fairs, pop-ups & Montreal Comic Con and hopes to participate in more local events in the coming years.

Meet The Artist : June 2022

Digital piece done in Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro.

some of these original designs are commissions, featured in art shows or have been or will be made into prints or stickers, or Just for fun!

Cute Zombie Critters

Digital, Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro. July 2021

Looks Like You Could Use A Beheading

Watercolor and ink on hot pressed Arches. May 2021
Cute Executioner Series - Cute Guillotine & Cute Executioner's Axe
Digital, Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro. May 2021

Fay-TALITY! -Mortal Kombat: Scorpion Fay

Digital, Adobe Fresco on Surface Pro. September 2020

Pandemic Pals
Digital, Adobe Fresco on Surface Pro. April 2020
Digital Pineapple Fuckface Daily Drawings
Digital, Adobe Photoshop on Surface Pro - February 2019

King Weasel

Gouache on wood panel - April 2018

Books, Etc.
these items are handmade by the artist. they are locally printed, often in-house.
A Sample of images from 2021's Calendar
Featuring Lil Fay enjoying her favorite treats every month!
Digital, Adobe Fresco on Surface Pro. Jan 2021
Lil Fay's Chikinz
Excerpts from the book, images also used in a 2020 calendar.
Digital, Adobe Fresco on Surface Pro. August 2019
The Plight of The Artist coloring book
November 2018
Goatbunny's Little Book of Animal Guardians
September 2018
How The Fox Found The Goatbunny (Sorta)
This is a storybook I created for the birthday of a very special someone.
July 2016
the goatbunny tarot
78 original watercolor tarot reinterpretations compiled as a unique deck
Prints of original watercolor pieces. 2014-2018
Life of A Goatbunny monthly zine
Covers of their Patreon zine which showcase work done over the previous month as well as some insights to the work and being an artist in general. Digital copies are available to Patreon supporters and hard copies are mailed out to those who pledge $5 and up.
From March 2018 - Dec 2020
Commissioned designs for logos, promotional images and other custom work.


Commissioned art piece. Digital, Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro. 2021

Zombie Possum $ Rat
Sticker and Pin/Patch Designs for The Rat Bastard Multi-Tool maker.
Digital. Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro. 2021
Revive Shoe Repair Logo.
Digital, Adobe Fresco on iPad Pro. 2021
Shirt Design for Comedian Dan Ramos.
Album Art (Cassette) for Lyndsie Alguire
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